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Millions of people across the country have a problem of bad breath. It can be a real origin of humiliation and disgrace. Not so long time ago there was not any efficient scientific approach for diagnosing and treating it or chronic halitosis conditions.

What is the main reason of bad breath? The majority of people sometimes have bad breath. But if it becomes constant we recommend you to consult your dentist.

One of the common reasons of bad breath is a breakdown of proteins by bacteria in some part of your mouth. Still there are airways, oesphagus and stomach that can cause bad breath too.

Bad breath treatment

A dentist will be able to identify the problem if you visit him regularly. He can find periodontal (gum) disease, a dry mouth or other disorder that can become a cause of bad breath. If you want to reduce bad breath, you should carry on oral hygiene, eliminate periodontal (gum) disease and do regular professional cleanings.

You should eliminate oral infections, if there are any, and remove impacted teeth.

Good oral hygiene means cleaning the teeth and tongue. When you have your oral infection treated and cured, your mouthrinses and toothpastes should have some effectiveness in managing oral odor. Get a product that will be useful. If needed, ask your oral health professional for some advice.

No matter what the cause is, you should always maintain good oral hygiene. To do it, brush teeth twice a day, clean between them daily with floss or interdental cleaners and don't forget to brush your tongue too. If you have dentures, don't forget to remove them before sleep and clean them properly before replacing next time.

Usually mouthwashes are cosmetic and don't have a lasting effect on bad breath. If you use breath freshener very often, visit your dentist – if there is a need in extra help to hide unpleasant mouth odor, he may recommend you to use special antimicrobial mouthrinse. Using a fluoride mouthrinse as well as brushing and flossing will help to prevent tooth decay.

Your dentist will diagnose the reason of your halitosis and recommend products that will be helpful for you.

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