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If you need to restore a bite, a bite therapy can help – after using it a bite will function without any damage and destruction. Having an even and stabile bite is essential. All your teeth must hit evenly when closing. You should not feel any pressure on one tooth or on a near area. When you move your jaw to the side or forward and backward only the front 6 teeth should touch. If this is not the case, the solution is to put excessive pressure on the joints or the teeth. Some TMJ problems can appear and also worn or pitting teeth, broken restorations or teeth, and sore muscles. These are the reasons why it is very important to properly adjust and design your bite. In order to complete the therapy, it may include:

reshaping the biting surfaces of the teeth and eliminating spots of excessive pressures where the teeth contact. It can be done by carefully dividing bite pressures evenly across all of the teeth; braces, to reposition mal-aligned or drifted teeth;

replacement of old or damaged fillings;

reconstruction of damaged teeth.

It is not popular among people to clench or grind their teeth. Some of them are aware of this habit but the majority is not. If you grind your teeth, you make a noise but clenching, which is equally damaging, is silent. Sometimes these habits may damage your jaw joint and your teeth, and make you more sensitive for gum and bone disease. The next after smoking, clenching and grinding is a strong risk factor for periodontal disease and must be controlled if you you’re your treatment to be successful.

Still this problem can be fixed through the use of a bite or night guard. This is a hard plastic retainer like appliance that is made for your bite. Some people – and there are many of them - are initially resistant to the idea of wearing the guard, but most patients get used to it, and some of them even end up liking it. One of the reasons is a better sleep that the guard provide.

The bite guard evenly distributes the forces created through the clenching and grinding and prevents them from making your disease spread more rapidly or putting you at more risk for future problems.

There are cases when teeth are substantially out of position. Then orthodontics are indicated. If there are other symptoms, such as muscle or jaw joint problems, you can get another treatment. If your teeth are well aligned, but still not touching perfectly, you will be recommended to reshape them to fit more gently. The process of reshaping can include just a few teeth or all teeth. As experience shows, almost all people require bite adjustment when braces are completed - even though teeth are aligned, the points and grooves are still not touching perfectly.

Reshaping the teeth to make them fit better and touch more gently harmonizes the relationship between the teeth, the jaw joints and the muscles. Reshaping is known also as a bite adjustment, occlusal adjustment, equilibration, or selective grinding.

The points and grooves of teeth can tolerate the forces placed on them on some specific parts of each tooth. They can be identified by various means, and the areas not supposed to touching are reshaped.

You may have any bite problems, but the solution to all of them is confidence. Past patients know the benefits of correcting their bite concerns by discovering that they can chew their food better, and have an opportunity to enjoy foods that previously were forbidded.

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