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Snap-On Smiles are custom and removable molds that fit over existing teeth to create the image of a perfect smile. But don’t run to the dentist immediately to get yourself a set. Note that your obsession with dental perfection can hurt your self-esteem.

Snap-On Smiles

Snap-On Smiles were created by New York City cosmetic dentist Marc Liechtung. They are quick and painless – not like traditional cosmetic procedures (i.e. dental bridges or crowns).

A Snap-on smile is a method to show a final result of the procedure to cosmetic dental patient before doing the cosmetic dentistry itself. It is artwork. The process begins with taking accurate dental impressions of the upper and lower teeth. Then the plaster models are poured up and prepared for study.

The Snap-on smile attaches to the upper front teeth and covers up the old worn out and unattractive teeth. Working with the upper dental model forms it. Wax is added to the plaster teeth and shaped to look natural and beautiful. The final wax sculpture is used to define what should be done to plan the shapes and locations of the final porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and bonding procedures. This model helps the cosmetic dentist work out and solve the aesthetic design problems so that the actual dental treatment goes smoothly and without any problems.

This new exciting technology allows people to feel comfortable and confident without any drilling or changing tooth structure. Snap-On Smile soon will be the most exciting advancement in cosmetic dentistry since a long time. The material, being cosmetically enhancing yet flexible, allows it to adapt to the mouth. It remembers the form and can bend and retract to the tooth structure and easily retain its elasticity, without breakage or cracking. In contrast to other products, this one doesn’t need any adhesives. It allows a person to put on and take off their smile as often as they want, sustaining a long lifetime of Hollywood smiles!

Only two appointments are needed to accomplish the entire process. The first appointment is simple. We examine your teeth in details. Then we help you select a custom shape, length and shade that suits you. In ten days, your new Snap-On Smile is ready to be "snapped in" – and what is more, you don’t need any cementation or bonding!

The Snap-On Smile is suitable for everyone with their cosmetic dental needs - from a misaligned smile, to missing teeth or even ugly caps or veneers. All these problems will be made obsolete with the help of Snap-On Smile! We advice you to come in for a consultation and we will check if you can be the candidate for this unique cosmetic appliance.

Step 1 Snap-On Smile
Step 2 The Snap-on smile attaches to the upper front teeth
Step 3 procedure to cosmetic dental patient

Whatever you are looking for - brighter teeth, a celebrity-like smile, an affordable, fast, painless and totally reversible alternative to braces, veneers, crowns, bridges and/or implants – the Snap-On Smile is perfect for you! No shots, no drills, no needles! No filing down of healthy teeth! It is even possible to eat some foods while wearing your Snap-On Smile!

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