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Our multispecialty dental practice provides comprehensive and complete care for all ages and stages. We are dedicated to making dentistry fun, informative, and relaxing and we know that our patients deserve the same. It is our goal that those we serve will enjoy using their natural teeth lifetime. We are committed to open communication because it is almost always an informed patient who enjoys good dental health.

We want you :

  • To be able to laugh and smile without reservation
  • To enjoy lifetime pain free dental health
  • To eat and chew anything you wish
  • To intimately talk to your friends without concern about your breath
  • To have your natural teeth all your life

You deserve it!

There is no magic to find a new Dental Practice but here are five reasons to expect comfortable dentistry in our office and we will prove it! Esthetic Dentistry in Framinghem

  1. Drill - Free Dentistry. Imagine having your cavities fixed without the need for a drill! Air abrasion technology allows you to have many of your cavities fixed comfortably, and most often without the need to numb you teeth.
  2. Laser Cavity Finder. FDA approved, now instantly and accurately finds cavities in areas that even X-rays rarely see them, and routine visual exam (dental pick) misses significant amount of those cavities.
  3. Computer - Assisted numbing. If you are like many folks, the thought of getting numb is a real concern. We now offer "The Wand", computer assisted dental anesthesia system. The computer assist has brought anesthesia from the Dark Age's right up to space age! If the idea of a routine injection bothers you, just ask for "The Wand". It is so comfortable you may not even realize when we begin numbing you.
  4. Comfortable Financially too. A wide range of payment plans including interest free options that make dentistry affordable.
  5. Last but not least!Our doctors and staff are warm, friendly people who would be happy caring for you and you family dentist in Cambridge, MA.

We would love to meet you and appreciate the opportunity to welcome you personally. Please call us at 508-872-2019 or email us @ with any questions or concerns.

Start now and we will do our very best to help you reach your optimal dental health and the smile you have always wanted!

Serving our neighbors from Framingham, Southborough, Sudbury, Ashland, Natick, Sherborn and other Metro west towns!!!

Serving our neighbors from Framingham, Southborough, Sudbury, Ashland, Natick, Sherborn and other Metro west towns!

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Cosmetic dentistry Snap-On Smile
Invisalign™ Implants
Bite adjustment Teeth whitening
Breath treatment
Restorations, Sealants, Root canal treatment, Replacement of missing teeth, Minimally invasive preventive dentistry, Extractions, NTI-tss splints, Appliances that help to relief from grinding and clenching, Nonsurgical and surgical treatment of gums, Complete Dental Hygiene Services.
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Star Smile - Center for Esthetic Dentistry is serving the following cities: Southborough, Sudbury, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Sherborn, MetroWest area


"Star Smile utilizes a number of new dental technologies designed to provide an enhanced patient experience." - Smart Smile Dental

Dentist in Framingham
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